You’ve found the webmaster’s secret (well, not that secret) Jericho fan fiction page.

The author was enthralled by actress Sprague Grayden and her performance as schoolteacher Heather Lisinski on the CBS-TV show Jericho (2006-2008) and wished to see more of her, particularly her involvement with lead character Jake Green (played by Skeet Ulrich). The series hinted at it, but did not truly deliver on the promise of that relationship.  So, this writer felt that a few Jericho stories involving Jake and Heather were in order.

The first seven stories, through “Hard Feelings,” represent a continuous story arc, then there are several stand-alone vignettes reaching into earlier Jericho episodes. The storyline picks up again with “Smart Girls Don’t Need Saving” (currently missing from the site) and continues through “Leaving Jericho,” which closes the circle.  (For a happier ending, read “Wrongs” and its sequels, or “Ten Years Gone,” written for the Jericho decennial in 2016.)

In some ways, this was an alternate version of Jericho, depicting the interaction between Jake and Heather that the series only suggested. The first story became available on October 31, 2006.  When the CBS Jericho message board (long since deleted) went live on November 29, 2006, this writer received literally hundreds of messages in response to the stories. That was a very heady time.

After a shortened second season generated by viewer response, the Jericho phenomenon began to fade, and the stories eventually were scrubbed from the websites where they originally had been posted. The show still has a following to this day, however, and so the author is once again offering this material for whatever value it might have to readers and fans.

Sprague Grayden has no direct connection to these stories (except as this writer’s muse), but her character from Jericho is featured throughout, and the webmaster has utilized the available space on this website to post them. Jericho and its characters are the intellectual property of CBS Paramount Television and associated companies. These copyrights are recognized and acknowledged.  This is fan fiction.  No infringement is intended.

If you have any comments or questions about these stories, please direct them to cingram AT aol dot com. The stories are not perfect (an understatement!) and every now and then the author decides to change a few words or sentences. To that extent, they are still a work in progress.

The stories (more or less in chronological order, as written) are:

Comfort And Joy


Old Friends



The Wounded

Hard Feelings


After Rogue River

The Fifth Horseman

The Kiss, Revisited

Smart Girls Don’t Need Saving  (coming as soon as I find it)

Holding On  (ditto)



Leaving Jericho

Wrongs, Part 1

Wrongs, Part 2

Wrongs, Part 3



Ten Years Gone


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