This site has been up in one form or another since January 2008, first at spraguegrayden.net (which is no longer functional), and more recently at spraguegrayden.com.

It began in September 2007, when the webmaster had the opportunity to meet Ms. Grayden in person on the set of her then-current television show, Jericho.  She mentioned in passing that she didn’t have a website of her own, so this writer set out to build her one.

Jericho was canceled in March 2008, not long after this site went live.  Spurred on by several graphic novels, the Jericho fandom continued in earnest for several more years, until it was clear that the show would not be returning, at least not in the immediate future.

Sprague moved on.  She dyed her hair blonde, and appeared in a number of series (starting with AMC’s Low Winter Sun) where she was quite good, but sometimes unrecognizable to fans of her character on Jericho.

Updates to this site ceased at the end of 2011.  The moment had passed, and Sprague’s increasing presence on social media such as Twitter and Facebook eliminated the need for the site.  The webmaster’s vision problems and declining health also were major factors in this decision.

Sprague married in 2013 and gave birth to a baby boy in 2014.  At about the same time, the author lost regular contact with her, and decided it was time to pack up his fanboy tent and head home.

We maintain this site, frozen in time, as a tribute to Sprague’s early years.  Sprague is a remarkable actress, and this writer encourages you to seek her out in whatever program or production she may be appearing at the moment.  You won’t be sorry.

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